For Patients

The All-In-One Platform Built For Healthcare

For Patients

We empower you to capture and organize health data into personal health record. You can also manage the health information of your loved ones.

We provide information where and how you can receive medical care. Too often people spend precious time delaying medical care or services.

We provide guidance throughout your healthcare journey with a dedicated healthcare provider and artificial-intelligence based decision support systems.

What do we do?

Capture and organize health data into
personal health record


Easy upload

You can upload a file and store it privately until you’re ready to share it.


Automate information

We will organize your important health information for easy tracking and sharing.


Decision support

Artificial-intelligence based Clinical decision support system


Connect with health services

Connect with appropriate doctors, pharmacy, labs.


Benefits And Services For Patients

  • Autonomy
    Get tools to organize and share your health information
  • Information
    View your information in a way that you can understand
  • Guidance
    Artificial-Intelligence guided advice for you to make right health related decisions
  • Order medication
    Price, location, home delivery
  • Order labs
    Price, location, home delivery
  • Connect with physicians
    Seamlessly share your health data for first or second opinion


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