Empowering Doctors

with effortless access to patient data for faster, smarter decisions


Easy and safe storage of patients medical records

Roojh Platform helps doctors to digitally save patient records for regulatory compliance and follow-up

Patient management made easy

Easily manage patient visits, store their details digitally, schedule appointments, and send follow-up reminders all from one convenient platform

ABDM compliance

Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) is the flagship government program improving Indian healthcare digitally. It is critical for all Indian healthcare professionals. Our platform aids doctors/ hospitals meet ABDM requirements, ranging from ABHA ID creation to document linkage as per govt. specifications. Doctors can attain offers incentives up to 100 rupees per patient via DHIS

Improve patient satisfaction

Using Roojh platform, doctors can focus on high quality patient interaction improving patient satisfaction

Improve efficiency

Structured medical information presented on our platform saves precious time for the doctors. Doctors can use this saved time to see more patients


Health profile snapshot

Roojh summary builds a longitudinal patient health profile. We streamline patient health data for doctors enabling precise clinical decision-making

Multi-platform notification support

Keep patients connected and engaged with instant updates across email, SMS, WhatsApp, or in-app alerts, ensuring timely information and connectivity

See everything at a glance with Roojh’s dashboard

Monitor patient appointments, track medical records, and streamline practice management effortlessly. Stay informed, stay efficient, and elevate patient care with our intuitive dashboard interface

Track your patient’s progress

Track health progress, share insightful reports with patients, guide better care decisions with data-driven insights

Personalize it by building a care program

Craft personalized care plans that perfectly match each patient’s needs, preferences, and conditions, quickly and easily

Ask Roojh

Enhance point of care decisions with our AI powered personal health advisor

What are the recommended medications for managing asthma?

What are the contraindications for prescribing Aspirin?

Are there any specific exercise recommendations for patients with osteoarthritis?

Comprehensive Practice solutions

Roojh PHR

Empower your patients with Roojh Personal Health Record (PHR) so that they can manage all their health information at one place

Encounter management

It ensures smooth patient interactions, including scheduling, documenting, and maintaining care continuity across healthcare visits

Patient management

Easily manage patient information, schedule appointments, and keep detailed medical records all in one place

Pharmacy software

Pharmacy software helps doctors manage prescriptions, track medications, and ensure safe dispensing for patients

User journey with Roojh


Roojh is a comprehensive digital health platform designed for both patients and doctors in India. It offers a secure personal health record (PHR) for patients and a Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) for doctors.

With Roojh, you can: 1) Manage your personal health records, including prescriptions, lab results, and medical history. 2) Securely share your medical information with authorized doctors. 3) What can I do with Roojh as a doctor?Access your health data anytime, anywhere.

Roojh’s HMIS empowers doctors to: 1) Maintain detailed patient records electronically. 2) Improve appointment scheduling and communication with patients. 3) Ensure compliance with government regulations like ABDM and NHA

Roojh prioritizes data security. Your health information is encrypted and stored securely on our servers. We comply with all relevant data privacy regulations in India.

Patients can sign up for Roojh directly through the app or website. Doctors can contact Roojh for a personalized onboarding process and use the contact us form.

Roojh is offers different pricing plans for patients and doctors. Individual patient can download the app and start using free personal health record. Please visit our website or contact us for details.

Roojh is accessible through a user-friendly mobile app for patients and web application for doctors.

ABDM (Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission) and NHA (National Health Authority) are Indian government initiatives promoting digital healthcare infrastructure. Roojh helps doctors comply with these regulations by providing a secure HMIS.

Only you control who can access your health data on Roojh. You can grant authorized access to doctors and other healthcare providers involved in your care.

You can choose to download your data at any time. If you choose to deactivate your account, your data will be stored securely for a specific period as mandated by law. After that timeframe, it will be anonymized and deleted. Please refer to terms of use and privacy policy. You may deactivate or suspend your Roojh account at any time by sending an email to [email protected]

Roojh takes data security seriously. If you suspect a security breach or have any concerns about your data privacy, please contact us immediately. [email protected] 

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