About Us



Who we are?

We are a team of doctors and technologists who want to bring the best of healthcare to every person in this world. We firmly believe that good healthcare starts with people who need to take control of personal health irrespective of skill level, education level or income level.

Also we believe that easy storage and exchange of health information among patients, doctors and health care providers, is fundamental to better medical decision making.

Roojh is our attempt to empower people and healthcare providers to make better decision. And we will use an optimal mix of human and technological approach to build sustainable solutions.

Our Vision

To improve the health of our community
and bring best of healthcare to everyone by
Empowering Personal Health


Personalized health record repository

Upload files and store privately
Share information with your Healthcare providers seamlessly


Easy access to high quality health care

First or second opinion


Personal health maintenance

Artificial Intelligence guided decision support


Connect with health services

Seamless connection with labs, pharmacy, radiology


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Roojh India Private Limited

Operational address: 953, Sector 12A, Panchkula, Sector 8, HARYANA – 134109

Phone number: +91-9319009614

Email: [email protected]